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A screenshot of the CUFA home page.
The organization's governing documents are fully digitized for easier reference and future amendments.


Concordia University Faculty Association (CUFA)

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Stuck with a difficult-to-use website built on static HTML pages, CUFA needed an update that would bring both the look of the site and its content management up to date. They also wanted to expand functionality to allow their members to communicate and organize online. Being a labour union, CUFA needed privacy and security with which to conduct sensitive discussions, action planning, and negotiations strategizing.

After designing a clean, professional new look for the site and migrating content from the old static pages to the brand new WordPress CMS, we set about building a robust member area. We digitized their membership registration form and hooked it into the site to allow for automatic creation of user accounts for new union members. In the member area, which can only be accessed by logged-in users, CUFA is able to administer opinion polls to get member feedback, and run interactive discussion forums.

This project uses:
HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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