Ander Swift

Front and back cover of a presskit design (print version).
Inside the presskit (print version).
The finished printed presskit, containing an audio CD with a digital version.
A screenshot of the digital version of the presskit.
Another screenshot of the digital version of the presskit.

Web & Print Presskit:

Jef Kearns

Digital version online atĀ

A print and digital presskit I created to promote a client’s music. I designed both the printed presskit, and a digital website/application version. I also developed the digital version, which included building a custom audio player using Flash and Actionscript, to match the design. The digital version was launched online as a website, and also included as an application that would launch when the presskit’s audio CD was played on a computer.

This project uses:
XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, ActionScript

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